DWARMIS’ FW24 collection elegantly fuses colonial elegance with vibrant hues, inspired by founder Dwarmis Concepcion's childhood home in Gascue, Dominican Republic, weaving old-world charm with cultural richness.

Sustainably made in NYC with Latina Roots

Focusing on small colletcions, prioritizing high quality garments and using ethical practices.

Dwarmis Concepcion

“I’m on a mission to create staple pieces, designed through a lens of timeless femininity and a bit of spiciness, that empower women to be the boldest version of themselves.”
- Dwarmis
Our Story

Caribbean essence meets ready to wear

Focusing on small collections, prioritizing high quality garments and using ethical practices.

"A La Vera"

"A LA VERA Capsule" blends Caribbean vibrancy with Manhattan's urban edge, inspired by the rhythmic flow of water surrounding both islands. Garments reflect fluidity and versatility, seamlessly transitioning between settings, embodying the modern woman's multifaceted lifestyle.

Limited pieces that uniquely stand out

Supporting latinx community in NYC.
Creating beautiful products.
Empowering Woman to feel at their best.